Monday, December 1, 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014


The last entry I wrote I thought I had saved it to draft but it looks like I sent instead.  Thanks for all the thoughtful comments I real appreciate it. 

About two weeks ago when I was feeling blah and frustrated I went to to see if there was any books I could purchase about meal plans or healthy weight loss.  I came across a book that Chris Powell wrote.  I am a big fan of The Extreme Weight loss Show and I follow both him and his wife on Instragram.   The book is called "Choose More, Lose more for Life" he co-wrote it with his wife Heidi.   I have read a couple of chapters so far and I am really enjoying it.   There are three main parts to the book, nutrition and his eating plan, exercise and transformation (building your self esteem)  I am going to work towards following the eating plan.  But my main focus write now is on small baby steps and goals to build up my self esteem and self worth.   Lets be honest,  I know what to do to eat properly and I have been working out for years.   My main problem is letting my emotions get the best of me and having zero self worth.

In one of the chapters he talks about "the power of keeping promises"  all of us including me say things like "I will never eat sugar again"  "I am going to workout an hour a day, everyday"  "I will start my diet on Monday" and the list goes on. and then we break the promise to ourselves feel guilty, shameful.  Chris believes it is better to start out small whether it's to workout for 5 minutes a day for a week.  Or having a serving of vegetables but making sure you keep the promise.  This he believes will built your self worth and make you feel better about yourself.  And you just build from there week after week.

 I started off with having a serving of vegetables everyday. I am good at eating protein, healthy fats, fruit and low fat dairy but sadly vegetables was not a propriety  in my diet.  (well at least not everyday.)  I started this last Saturday and have had at least one serving a day some days even four servings.    
Chris has a list of 100 small goals to accomplish.  There are three categories, Food Promises, Body Promises and Mind Promises.  Some I have already incorporated into my healthy lifestyle for example :
1. Choose skim milk over whole milk.
Rob and I buy 1 percent or 2 percent lactose free milk.  I rarely drink it.  Instead I use unsweetened almond milk in my smoothies in the morning
2. Leave cream and sugar out of my coffee.
I don't drink coffee so that's not a problem ;)
3. Eat breakfast every morning.
For over a year now I have been doing this usually it's a protein shake on its own or with some eggs whites and toast.
4. Switch from white bread to brown bread. 
Rob and I have been doing this for years.
5.  Avoid refined white pasta. 
I have been eating either rice pasta or whole wheat pasta.
6. Get up from my desk and walk around for five minute a day.
I am a waitress so that's not a problem.  At work I usually walk 12000 to 18000 steps a day.
7. Do my own housework instead of hiring it out.
I wish!!!  Rob and I do our own house work.
8. Exercise for five minutes a day. 
I like to exercise and to this a lot. 
9.  Join an exercise group or gym.
I have been a member of gym for over 5 years now.
10. sign up for a community or charity walk/race.
I have 10 races under my belt to date.
I am off to a good start.  There is 100 and 10 are already part of my lifestyle. 
I will keep you posted about the book when I finished it. 
This week I started going back to the gym.   I haven't been going consistently for the past two months.   So far this week I  have been 4 times.  I decided to go for 30 minutes a day to get back in the habit again.   For the next six weeks I am running one day and weight lifting the next.  Taking Saturday off as rest day and practicing yoga on Sundays.   Even if the scale is not budging exercise is something good for my body and for my mind.  
Next week for my mini goal is to focus on, Eating protein at every meal.
Thanks for reading!  What small changes have you made in your life to make you healthier?

Friday, October 31, 2014


It has been awhile since I have written on my blog partly because I am not sure what to write.  I have been extremely frustrated with this whole weight loss thing.  I have literally been at this for  5 years.  Sure I may have had a couple weeks where my head hasn't been completely in the game but even then it has been at the back of my mind.   You can see that from my blog posts, Facebook posts, Intragram and my fitness pal.  I have tried goals of the week and monthly goals sometimes I failed and sometimes I  succeeded.   During this blog I have ran 5km, 10km and most recently a half marathon.  I have tried new exercises classes and  several different healthy eating plans.  Weight Watchers, South Beach, Gluten Free Diet and the 17 day diet.   And I am not one of those people who try for a couple of days.  I commit myself to months and months to each plan.  But still I sit at present at 248.  I am up over 22 pounds since I first wrote my first blog post over 3 years ago.   I am grateful to have met many people in the blog world and follow your proud moments and struggles through your own journey.  But at present I am exhausted!  of trying and trying and not seeing the results!  I am not sure what to do anymore.  This post is not meant for you to feel sorry for me but I am stating some facts.  Do you guys have any suggestions?   

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I completed my first half marathon, two Sunday's ago.  I accomplished two things 1. To complete it and 2. To not be last.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever done.   The first 10 km actually wasn't too bad.  They had seven cheering stations along the way and it was wonderful to see all the spectators cheering us on especially when the rain came down.  I will get to that in second.   There was over 25,000 runners in the Army Race.  12,000 in the 5km and 13,000 in the half marathon.  All the proceeds went to the ill and injured in the military.  Over $300,000 was raised this year. 
I can't remember if I told you about how I signed up for the race? ( If I did skip to the next paragraph.)  One night after reading one of my favorite blogs "That loud Redhead" I went to checkout the Army Race website, to sign  up for the 5 km .  I had just finished reading how she had entered too late for her half marathon.    And of course the same thing happened to me.  5km was SOLD OUT!  They had no 10Km in this race series.  So the next best thing was a HALF MARATHON.  I had told myself I would never run that far of a distance.  But feeling a bit loopy I said why not?  and paid the fee.   I posted it on Facebook for all my friends and family to see!  So there was no turning back.  I am too stubborn!  Did I mention I only had two months to train?  I know, I know I am nuts! 

I think I just lost my marbles lol. I have been in such a rut these past few months. Go big or go home! Once I commit to something I am in. I guess I better start training. Lol #100happydays #day69 #halfmarathon #fitfam #prayforme!
Back to the race.  The first half was tough but I was feeling good but once I hit around the 13km  mark It went downhill from there my left hip starting hurting and it started raining, more like pouring to the point my clothes were soaked and weighting me down an extra 5 pounds.  Then my headphones stopped working during the flood but luckily from past races I brought an extra pair and thank god they worked!   I need my music :)   At one point on the left side of the road the faster runners could tell I was struggling and they started cheering me on!  Telling me, I could do it!  You are doing great!  mean while I have another 8km still to go.     By the 15km  mark my hip really started to hurt.  I decided to speed walk the last 6km because I didn't want to injury myself.   By 17km it was all mental I was tired, in pain and just wanted to stop!!  But I kept I telling myself I just did 17 km! I can finish this.     I thought a lot about my grandfather in the last 3km and asked him for the drive to push through.  He was in the navy in World War II and he passed away a couple of years ago and I would like to think I get my disciple and stubbornness from him.    The last km, my hand started to tingle and when I looked down one of my hands was three times the size of my other.  I started to freak out because I was so close to the end.   This women beside me saw that look of horror in my eyes and I explain what was happening she said it was normal and to just raise my hand above my heart level and wave my hand a bit.  I am sure I looked idiotic but I didn't get care.  I just wanted to cross the finish line.     The emotions I went  through when the metal was placed around my neck by someone in the army was a feeling I can't describe it was happy, tired, exhausted and proud all wrapped up into one!  I am happy I completed it. 
My time was pretty awful but I never stopped once.    It took me 3 hours and 45 minutes  I burned 2700 calories!  No matter what my time was I finished and no one can take that away from me.  I am a half marathoner :)